Anja is a very skilled negotiator and agent for someone seeking to sell their business.  She takes the time to clearly understand your business so that you set a realistic goal and price.  She is a “go getter” who doesn’t waste time and pursues only those leads that are likely to lead to a sale.  An unexpected asset I found was how well she knows the laws governing a business sale so that when we partnered with my attorney she was able to clarify points which allowed us to move forward more quickly.  I would recommend anyone who is seeking to sell their business that Anja is one of a kind and does her work exceptionally well.” Rene Petrin, President, Management Mentors, Inc.

“We hired Anja and her team to help with the evaluation and purchase of an existing company. Her professionalism and the knowledge she brought to the table made it easy for both parties to understand the process which helped expedite the sale in a very short period of time. Her attention to detail and experience made her input invaluable and I would highly recommend her for future projects” Greg Brett, Owner & CEO, Sounds Good Corporation

“Anja was key to making this deal go smoothly throughout the entire process. Her professionalism, candor, and experience from other deals kept communication streamlined and on track from introduction, through due diligence, to signing. The energy she brought to the process was contagious.” Brett Davis, VP Hardware Product Management, Freedom Scientific 

"Anja is a superb investment banker. I worked with her on a deal  that took some time to negotiate and bring to conclusion as a result of a variety of factors and she did a great job...." 

Deborah Pechet Quinan, Shareholder & Chair of the Trust and Estates Group at Ruberto, Israel & Weiner, P.C.

“The successful sale of our company would not have happened without Anja’s help. It was the first company we ever owned, so it was the first time we went through the sale process. Anja was very knowledgeable and showed professionalism at all stages of the sale. She gave us a lot of useful business advice while preparing the company for sale, and during the actual process. She was always optimistic, always available for meetings, phone calls, and traveling. She made the sale of our company smooth and enjoyable” Leon Reznik, President, ABiSee 

"I wanted to let you know that you have been one of the most thorough and value-added broker we have worked with. We really do appreciate it and are glad to have you working with us.” Patrick Dickinson, Managing Partner, Ninth Street Capital Partners 

“Anja's background and experience with multi-billion dollar companies involving merger & acquisition work set her apart from other M&A brokerage and consulting firms. She provides a level of attention and service to her clients that is unmatched in the industry.” Mark Drew, Senior Vice President Commercial Lending, Stoneham Bank


Anja and I just closed the sale of a medical device company. Anja did a terrific job in both negotiating a letter of intent with extremely favorable deal terms for the client and keeping everyone on target for an expedited closing date (6 weeks from signing the letter of intent). I would highly recommend Anja for company's thinking about selling -- she will do a great job. Russell Stein, Shareholder and Chair of the Corporate & Business and Mergers & Acquisitions Groups at Ruberto, Israel & Weiner, P.C.

"It has been great working with Anja as I have been totally impressed with her knowledge of the deal landscape. She is one of the most thorough people I have come across in all my years of doing business. This is the biggest attribute I believe you need when looking for someone that is handling a sale of one's business. I would highly recommend Anja to anyone who is serious about a possible exit strategy for one's business. I hope to work with her on other future projects as we continue to build out our web properties." Paul Rubillo, Owner, LLC

“Efficient Evolutions was invaluable throughout this entire process. The company provided strategic advice that helped to make the acquisition as smooth as possible” Sue Hawkes, Owner & CEO, The Collaborative Companies (TCC)

“…Anja’s written and verbal explanations of her analyses are both intricate and understandable. I would not hesitate to ask her to explain complex financial issues to a judge or jury. On several occasions she went over and beyond the work I had asked her to do, coming up with spreadsheets or research to address points I had not thought of. At all times she has been a pleasure to work with. In a bankruptcy case where I am far outnumbered by the debtor’s lawyers and their resources, Anja has been the equalizer. She has allowed me to present far more in-depth and persuasive arguments concerning the debtor’s finances than I would have otherwise been able to do. Attorney Peter Cole, The Law Offices of Peter Cole